Event Design

We have years of experience designing and producing fun, community-oriented events, including the annual Open Source Bridge conference and BarCamp Portland.

Whether you want to build community, engage customers, develop new products creatively, or energize stakeholders, produce an awesome event with our event design concierge service. Or, build-up your in-house event expertise with our event planning workshop series.

Want to get an idea of what you'll learn in one of our workshops? Get a free copy of our event planning guide.

Research & Consulting

Whether you want to focus specifically on sustainability, governance, and/or participation, we help you develop new ways of understanding and overcoming the challenges your project is confronting. Not sure which of those areas you need to focus on? We can help you figure that out. Trying to come up with a business plan or a long-term organizational home for your project? We can help with that.

Topics we love to help with: Short- and long-term sustainability plans; selecting a business entity and governance structure; developing a leadership pipeline and succession plan; designing highly participatory, community focused in-person events; improving the contributor pipeline; crisis management.


Deepen your practice around sustainability, governance, and participation through our fun, participatory workshops and other facilitated gatherings.

Based on our knowledge and experience with facilitation methods ranging from Open Space Technology to Future Search, we work with your stakeholders to custom-tailor and run in-person gatherings for your organization/community.

What can you accomplish with these types of meetings? The possibilities are many, including: Solve a particular problem; build consensus and do long-term strategic planning; increase fundraising, leadership, governance or community building capacity within your team.

Areas of Expertise

Governance, Sustainability, and Participation

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