What’s it like to work with us?

Our work is guided by these principles:

Partnership & Support: we approach work with you as equal partners. You know yourself and your organization best and we will listen and learn before jumping in to give advice. Rather than solve your problems for you, we will help you learn how to solve them yourself. We will work to deliver value to you quickly while keeping the long-term vision in sight. We’ll be calm and level-headed and stick with you when things get tough.

Authenticity & Presence: We bring our whole selves to our work. We will be fully present while working together and if we can’t, we will say so and we’ll reschedule. We will give you honest feedback, when it’s needed. We always couple that feedback with empathy because for feedback to be useful, it must be able to be heard. We will endeavor to bring out the authenticity and integrity in others.

Joy: Our work together will have elements of joy, fun and playfulness, for that is what allows us to connect, to learn best and to persevere through tough times.

Accountability: We will strive to be accountable in every aspect of our work together. You will get our best work. And, if you feel that you are not, we will be open to your feedback and do whatever it takes to correct. If we are not the best person to help with a project, we will let you know upfront and help find the person who is.

Inclusivity & Sharing: We strive to create learning environments that are inclusive to a diversity of experiences and backgrounds. We aim for our work to be available to and benefit as many people as possible.

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