Adaptive Leadership Intensive for FLOSS Contributors


This is an intensive two-day participatory workshop for FOSS (free and open source software) contributors wanting to increase their leadership capacity.

Through a combination of presentations, discussions, small group work, and guided reflection, you’ll learn practical strategies and skills for mobilizing people in your community, organization or company to tackle tough challenges and thrive.

This intensive workshop builds upon and dives deeper into the practice of adaptive leadership presented in our 3-hour introductory workshop. That workshop teaches you what adaptive leadership is and in this workshop you’ll learn how to exercise adaptive leadership in your community, organization or company.

What you’ll learn

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • What adaptive leadership is and how it differs from other theories of leadership.
  • How to identify and distinguish technical problems from adaptive challenges.
  • How to assess your organization, the adaptive challenges it faces and the political landscape in which you operate.
  • How to make and communicate useful interpretations about your organization and its adaptive challenges.
  • How to design effective interventions, act politically, manage conflict and build an adaptive culture.
  • How to lead when you have formal authority as well as when you don’t.
  • Strategies for self-care, renewal and avoiding burnout.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone participating in a FLOSS community, either as paid staff or as a volunteer, who wants to enhance their capacity for exercising leadership.

You do not need to hold a formal position of authority within your organization or community in order to participate in this workshop.

Examples of participants who will benefit from this workshop:

  • Founders and maintainers of open source projects and related activities (e.g. events).
  • Casual and core open source contributors.
  • Managers and members of technical teams who engage with open source technologies.
  • Those involved in open source governance via foundations and trade associations (e.g. Python Software Foundation, Linux Foundation, etc.).
  • Start-up founders and technical product leads wishing to build resilient organizations sooner rather than later.

Each workshop is limited to 15-20 participants to ensure best learning environment.




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