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Christie Koehler, Founder and Lead Trainer

I studied psychology, history and English literature in college. I have continued to study organizational psychology, leadership, and business strategy along with technical subjects. When working with clients, I often bring to the project novel, yet relevant information and strategies that I have integrated from these varied disciplines.

I am an experienced software programmer. I often use my deep knowledge building and analyzing technical systems to help clients build or improve their own systems and processes. I also use my experience building and leading technical teams to help clients develop their own technical staff.

I am an experienced community organizer who has focused on open source, outreach and education. With this experience, I am able to help clients build communities of practice around their products/services and to promote open innovation with open source methodologies. It also enables me to help clients build learning and development pathways for leaders and individual contributors alike.

I have a range of business experiences: as a solo entrepreneur, as a non-profit co-founder and manager, at startups and at established companies. My breadth of knowledge about starting, growing and sustaining different types of businesses enables me to provide useful advice to clients no matter their business structure. I am also able to advise groups who have not yet formed a business entity about which business structure would serve them best.

I have lots of practice and love building effective, inclusive, cross-cultural teams, both in person and virtual. With this experience and passion, I help clients build high-performing, innovative teams no matter the constraints. Co-located or globally-distributed? Paid staff or volunteers? Technical or non-technical? I have strategies to help build and support them all.

I have an uncanny ability to focus on the forest and the trees at the same time. I use this super power to help clients develop and drive visionary long-term strategy while realizing short-term goals, all the while re-prioritizing and adapting as needed.

I am calm, level-headed and stick around to help when things go wrong. When clients encounter a crisis, I stand right there with them and help them navigate the storm. If there’s a way to come out of it stronger than before, I’ll help you find it.

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