Free Speech & Sundry Sticker Sheet


8×11″ sticker sheet full of sayings we like here at Authentic Engine and want to share with you!

Read below for details about where each of the slogans originates.

Each of the stickers is a hexagon 2″ tall (spec). Printed by Sticker Mule.

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Sticker text and credits

  • Free speech includes the freedom to ignore.
  • Free speech isn’t freedom from consequences.
  • The revolution will not be licensed.
  • Free speech isn’t free if I’m forced to listen to you
  • Free speech includes the freedom to BLOCK.
  • i ♥ free speech free association & bodily autonomy
  • fewer rockstars more revolutionaries.
  • intersectional feminism fuck yeah!
    • an evolution of the “open source, fuck yeah!” sticker highlighting the important of intersectionality, a term first coined by scholar Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw.
  • I ♥ Free Speech Free Association Bodily Autonomy
  •  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  • all technical decisions are political
  • Nothing about us, without us.
  • read a fucking book
    • Christie bought a sticker with this wording years ago at an anarchist book fair in San Francisco.
  • citizens not consumers
  • open source fuck yeah, $ pay me!
    • An adaption of the “open source, fuck yeah!” sticker originally published by the Open Source Bridge team in 2010.
  • please go out of your way to not fuck people over
    • Christie has a poster with this phrase on the wall of her office but can’t recall where it came from.

If no credit given, text by Christie Koehler.

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